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Over 16M
registered users
50M page
views per month
Age of our audience: 13-26
81% male, 19% female
2M leads
generated for
our partners’ campaigns
each month

Individual aproach

At Gamekit we value partner satisfaction. Our expert team of programmers, graphic designers and business developers will create tailor-made product promotion campaigns just for you. These include special landing pages on our site and spreading the word among our users with targeted communication.

Need proof? Take a look at some of our past promotions. We’re proud of them.

Reebok McDonald's Wedel PaySafeCard Gaijin Bigpoint Smilegate GMBH
Geo: Poland
Model: CPL
Description: We are promoting Reebok quarterly contests on our website. The contest is usually different but the scheme is always the same. F.e Leave your full name, birth date, sex, e-mail address and describe in one sentence why you should win the prize.
Result: Up to 1300 leads per day (depends on advertiser’s budget limitation)
Geo: Poland
Model: Contest
Description: Create your own burger and become popular! The main concept was to push our users to dedicated landing page to create their own burger which they would like to see in McDonalds restaurant. The best one was chosen by the community and the winners burger was introduced to all McD restaurants in Poland as an exclusive.
Result: 18538 burgers created in 30 days of campaign period.
Model: CPA, CPS
Description: Codes that redeem points inside our website have been placed on Wedel chocolates all around Poland. Once you bought one of their product you could use code you had on the foil on our website and receive 400 points for free.
Result: 2 weeks campaign period and 12,000 codes used.
Model: CPL
Description: Register a PaySafeCard account and play their special memory game, scratch images and get free PaySafeCard cash!
Result: 2,100 leads per day during the campaign period
Model: CPP
Description: Gaijin focuses its user acqusition on deep engage model, which perfectly suits Gamekit solutions. We deliver over 20.000 new users monthly to their titles War Thunder and Crossout.
Model: CPL
Description: Gamekit promotes most of Bigpoint games based on the current marketing strategy of the developer. Right now we focus on their main title promotion – League of Angels II, where we deliver over 25 000 active users on monthly basis.
Model: CPA
Description: Smilegate focuses on refreshing CrossFire title under new publisher in European markets, we are helping them to reach gaming audience they need. We deliver hundreds of daily leads to their game and support with proposals of branding in our top markets.

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